When working for IKEA.

A view on what I do when working for IKEA, cause there is more beyond creating graphic designs on the computer. 

As graphic communicator you plan, create and implement in-store communication. Taking care of different levels of communication, from the moment you arrive at the parking lot, entering the store, follow the labyrinth :), go through the checkouts, grap a hot-dog before you exit the store and leave the parking lot again.

Communication that helps you find your way in the store, that gives you more information about the products and communication that strengthens the IKEA brand.

A glimpse of the new Showroom at the IKEA Zaventem store in Belgium.

Before the opening of a new store or a rebuild of an area in the store, a whole communication process has taken place already. To see where the need is for changement and how to fulfill the needs of the customers, you first work closely with all the different departments in the store, such as sales, logistics, customer support and the visual- and interior designers. Every area of the store, will be planned in detail, which gives a clear view on where to implement communication.

After planning, it is time to stretch the legs and arms. Because all the graphic communication produced, need to be placed in the store. Lettering, hanging signs, sticking of graphic visuals, not to forget taking care that everything is visible for the customers. So climbing on ladders to fix spotlights is also one of the tasks. 

Me, during the build up of the store entrance at the IKEA Brescia store in Italy.

After weeks of planning, this work gives me so much satisfaction, because you see your plan, what was first on paper, comes to life.

Brochures I designed for internal communication for the co-workers and an IKEA BUSINESS brochure for customers.

In 2016 and 2017, I was working in IKEA’s homebase in Sweden. Where I was part of a team that created solutions for specific areas in the store. These solutions were available for all the stores worldwide, ready to implement. The communication that I designed, in close connection with sales specialists, logistics and visual and interior designers, was made for temporary collections in the store.

Following you can see pictures of the communication I designed for the IKEA PS 2017 collection and the YPPERLIG collection, this collection was a collaboration between IKEA and the Danish design company HAY.

The rebuild of the IKEA Customer Support Centre in Belgium, is another example of a collaboration I did with IKEA. Find out more about that project here.

Besides the many different tasks within the role of graphic communicator, I also love that you have the opportunity to travel, to discover new places and work environments, and meet great colleagues from all over the world!

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  1. I really like the into your perspective about working at Ikea, I am interested myself however, I live in Australia and there are very limited availabilities for an opportunity to work there as Graphic Communicator or Designer.

    I am curious about during the interview process, what do you believe set yourself ahead of the other applicants and during your time there, is there any major design lessons you learnt on the job and not at University or Design College?

    I would greatly appreciate your thoughts if you have the time, I understand everyone is busy during these times, so I understand if you don’t. I really love your work and insights into the design world.

    my email is etplunkett@gmail.com if you are interested in answering my long-winded questions.

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