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Image credits: Andy J. Pizza

I want to start of with a very inspiring person. He is a great teacher and speaker, and on top of that his artwork is super duper amazing! I’ve got to know Andy J. Pizza via Skillshare, an online learning community.
After following his class, I was happy to discover that Andy also has his own Creative Pep talk podcast. Perfect to listen to when I’m making dinner.

Legos new campaign really made me laugh. And I so much like the sustainable thinking behind it. Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi – the art of repairing objects (mostly earthenware like bowls, vases, and more) using molten gold, LEGO showcases their TSUGI collection. The intent is the same with a more modern and quirky twist. No more throwing away your favourite furniture.

Image credits: Alana Jones-Mann

I’m not a sweet tooth, but this is too beautiful not to share… Designer and Baker Alana Jones-Mann recently made a traditional Persian rug looking cake. I’ve discovered Alana her creation via Bored Panda, an online art and pop culture magazine, with a mission to spread good news and highlight top artists from around the world.

She helps me calm down my mind and tones my body 🙂
The first activity I do in a day before nestling myself behing the computer. So worth mentioning here. Adriene has been my online-yoga teacher for years and in her way truly inspiring.

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