Little miracles

In Belgium it is still very common to send a card by mail when a child is born. As a designer you have the privilege to be the first to know the name and when the child filled his or her lungs full of air for the first time.

Hallo Billie

A golden finish, sweet tags and a lovely tote bag.
Always great when you get carte blanche to design a full package for a client.

Pictures taken by the proud mama Marlies.


It was the first time I had the question to make an abstract drawing, so it was a nice challenge to start with this one. To make it less abstract for myself I wanted to make a portrait of the family with the newborn.

Playing with blocks

As a kid I loved to play with the puzzle Tangram, where you make figures out of seven geometric shapes. This is where my inspiration, for the shapes of the letters, came from.

The adventure begins

A new adventure for baby Vince and his family.
Card with letterpress print.



Birth announcement card made with screenprint, which I printed myself.

A new kid in town

Lovely to design cards that have a letterpress finish.

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