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A new dose of online joys that are inspiring me. A click away from you to discover. 🙂

Image credits: Brooklyn Art Library

A library of sketchbooks… the titel itself already gives me lots of joy. 😀
“Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Art Library is home to over 41,000 sketchbooks from over 130 different countries. Participants of the project order blank sketchbooks, choose a theme, fill them up and connect their books online with search terms, an artist bio and other unique content. Every single sketchbook that is sent back to us is cataloged and placed on our shelves for visitors to view.”

And do you know what’s the cherry on top? You can also view the sketchbooks online!

Brooklyn Art Library is founded in 2006, their mission is encouraging creative storytelling within a global community by keeping the physical library space free and open to the public and the digital library accessible worldwide. *claps in my hands*

If you’re a bit lost in the overwhelming amount of sketchbooks, on their blog you can find Friday finds, where they make a selection for you and link you to the artists online.

Image credits for all above pictures: AWA, Matthijs Van Mierlo and Raphaelle Kern.

I have been following the Instagram account of Accidentally Wes Anderson since the beginning of their existence (2017). Loving the movies of Wes Anderson and loving photography and traveling, the Instagram posts are always a messenger of joy for me. This year they also published a book, which is a collection of 200 stunning locations and their stories.

What I recently discovered on their website, is that you can submit a photo yourself. Plus that the website shows an amazing collection of all the pictures, you as an ‘Adventurer’ submit, and the stories behind the image.
You’re only one click away for amazing adventures straight from out of your lazy couch.

The ‘Club’ has been around for ages, but nowadays it is so present in our everyday lives.
The Stay Home Club. They call themself a lifestyle brand with people with no live. Being a bit of an introvert sometimes I can relate to the messages they show on their products. The Stay Hom Club offers a line of printed goods designed in-house as well as items featuring the work of contributing artists. For me a great and inspiring account to follow on Instagram.

Image credits: Stay Home Club, Adam J. Kurtz and Satoshi Kurosaki

I just love them and they have been on my ‘wish-list’ since foreeeever! More on

Image credits: ADaesthetic

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