One step at a time

The importance of
accountability partners.

When your head is full of ideas you want to see realised, you don’t know where to start, and you end up doing nothing … (at least you have that feeling), it is time for a call to action.

I have been reading many times “Take one step at a time”. But what if you don’t have the patience for that and in which direction do you need to take that first step? What should I put my focus on?
In those moments, the ones you get stuck, it’s really helpful to have some creative buddies to talk about this.

Two of them live in Singapore and I’ve met them while taking Bonnie Christine’s Immersion course. Peer groups were formed during the course and a year later we still meet every month. Long live video chats!

In our last meeting we talked about that problem on focusing on too many things at the same time and following YouTube video was mentioned. “The drawing advice that changed my life”.
In the video they describe it as “Laying a single brick of a million different houses and expecting that one day it magically will become a mansion.” This … sounded … so … familiar.
Go see what his solution was for this.
During our chats, we don’t just talk about our struggles, we also try to solve them. So now every Sunday we post in our chat the most important task we want to focus on for the next week.

By sharing this, we become accountability partners. Which makes it easier to stick to our task and finish it.

According to James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, having an accountability partner is an easy way to build and maintain a new habit: “Knowing that someone is watching can be a powerful motivator.
You are less likely to procrastinate or give up because there is an immediate cost. If you don’t follow through, perhaps they’ll see you as untrustworthy or lazy. Suddenly, you are not only failing to uphold your promises to yourself, but also failing to uphold your promises to others.”

So, if you have the same problem with focusing, try to take it step by step and share your main task you want to accomplish with a friend, creative buddy or even on social media. You’d be surprised at what a little healthy peer pressure can do.

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