Hip hip hooray!

No better way to say hello and welcome you in my creative world, by showing a picture of my home office / tiny 30m2 studio in Brussels. 
My small gem where I keep all my belongings, except the tons of books that are still in my dads place. This is where I roll out my yoga mat, stretch after a run, cook, eat, work, read, relax, create, laugh, cry, sing, dance, watch Netflix, sleep, …

So welcome again, glad you are here!

Now that I’m floating between projects, it was time to make myself visible in the wold wide web. Don’t know where this will end up, but let’s give it a try!
In the next posts I will show you the projects that I’m working on, the drawings I’ve made and the things that inspire me. 

About that last one I can also guide you to my Instagram page, where you can see an overview of what inspires me when I step away from the digital world.
Still excited about all this I wish you happy watching and reading!

All the best. Liesbeth

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