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When working for IKEA.

A view on what I do when working for IKEA, cause there is more beyond creating graphic designs on the computer.  As graphic communicator you plan, create and implement in-store communication. Taking care of different levels of communication, from the moment youContinue reading “When working for IKEA.”

online joys _ 05

She’s one of my Graphic Design heroes, Annie Atkins, mostly known for her work with film director Wes Anderson. She is designing graphic props for filmmaking and around that topic she made a book, published in Februari 2020, Fake Love Letters,Continue reading “online joys _ 05”

My work bubble.

First months after our move to Taichung, I worked at the dining table in the living room. I love to work at a big table, cause I can spread out all my stuff and make a mess. But in the eveningContinue reading “My work bubble.”

online joys _ 04

Some new online joys that are inspiring to me.

online joys _ 03

A new dose of online joys that are inspiring me. A click away from you to discover. šŸ™‚

A new look.

From March 2020 the co-workers of the Customer Support Centre of IKEA Belgium, a.k.a. the call centre, could discover their renewed workspaces.

online joys _ 02

Some new inspiration, found on the internet during the past weeks. Enjoy!

Swedish heritage.

As I wrote before in my post about Sicily, I love graphics, I love architectural history and I adore the combination of both worlds.

online joys _ 01

I want to start of with a very inspiring person. He is a great teacher and speaker, and on top of that his artwork is super duper amazing! I’ve got to know Andy J. Pizza via Skillshare, an online learning community.Continue reading “online joys _ 01”


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