my work bubble

First months after our move to Taichung, I worked at the dining table in the living room. I love to work at a big table, cause I can spread out all my stuff and make a mess. But in the evening the mess had to disappear.
It was a bit a search for me how to work best. At home or in a coffee shop, …

Since we know we are going to stay for a longer time in Taiwan and that, cause of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m not able to work abroad. I started to move around furniture and made my own small work bubble in the guest room.

Surrounded with books that are inspiring to me and small things that make me smile. This is now a perfect place, away from home, where I can fully focus and close the door in the evening.

One line a day – A five year memory book _ Designed by Kristen Hewitt and published by Chronicle Books LLC
Pencil Roll-up case _ Sense bag, Transotype _ Lovely gift of my IKEA-Ghent colleagues
Calendar boy by Noritake
Blue book in the back _ Illustrated by Chen Yu-Lin
Book in front _ My Taichung Diary by Fanyu

Take away box _ I couldn’t throw away cause it is too cute. 🙂

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