online joys _ 02

Some new inspiration, found on the internet during the past weeks. Enjoy!

Image credits: Paul Smith’s Foundation

From time to time my dad sends me a link of something he thinks it would interest me. The last link I received from him guided me to a website of Paul Smith’s foundation. The subtitel of the website; Giving Helpful Advice To Creative People. Do I need to say more? 😉

I met the founder of Bio1ogist, a handcraft brand founded in 2020 in Taiwan, during a party here in Taichung. My friends directly showed her Instagram page. Like “Look, look, what she is making!”.
What I got to see were uber cute stuffed objects. From plants to well known logo shapes. I’m already looking forward how her next creations will look like.

Image credits: Bio1ogist
Image credits: Bio1ogist

To stay here in Taiwan, I would like to show you the work of Brian Yuan. For me the Henri Cartier-Bresson of modern times. His black and white photography is just… stunning! Sharp as a knife, perfectly expressing daily life here in Taiwan. A big talent, which work I really, really love.

Image credits: brianyuan421

Image credits: Louise Fili

While watching Lauren Hom her Studio Tour on Instagram, I caught the name of Louise Fili when Lauren showed her collection of inspirational books. First time hearing Louise her name, I almost fell off my chair when visiting her website. How come did I never heard about her before?!? So pretty please, if you love typography as much as I do, quickly go and visit her website! Also make sure to visit her before & after page.
I already know what I will put on my list for Santa. 😀

Image credits: Louise Fili

Bye bye for now! And if you want to discover what inspires me in real life, you are very welcome to check my Instagram page.

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