The beginning of DOT

I love to draw, but often I can’t seem to fit it in my day. But when I’ve spent a moment of me-time with my sketchbook, the feeling of calmness, creativity and contentment are reaching high levels.
Sometimes I feel a bit anxious before putting my pen on paper, cause there are no command Z buttons. And the perfectionist in me expects a sketch that’s flawless. 

That’s why, after following an online lesson on Skillshare by Rich Armstrong – Titled: The Perfect 100 Day Project; Your guide to explosive creative growth -, I have started my own challenge; 100 days of Taiwan. 

Everyday I posted a new drawing on my instagram feed, which showed the things I found peculiar of Taiwan. Not to make fun of the country and the people, but more as a reminder of those small quirky things we otherwise forget.

I started from a sketch in my sketchbook. Easy cause I can carry it around wherever I go. The next step was making the drawings on my iPad in Procreate.

Curious to see the drawings? Click here.

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